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Agama green power


As Mobile Network Operators strive to increase their subscriber base they need to address the “Bottom of the Pyramid” segment of the market and extend their footprint in the remotest places. The recent technological progress in low consumption GSM radio stations and satellite terminal equipment has made it possible to use renewable energy as the only source of power supply of such sites.

The agama solution Cell & Sat incorporates a system that combines the management of the solar cell and satellite transmission. Agama allows network operators to centrally supervise and control the solar energy supply of remote sites.

Thanks to its expertise in GSM and satellite, Cell & Sat has included in the software innovative features to combine real-time information gathered from the different equipment and to optimize  the total cost of ownership.

The Cell & Sat agama system architecture is adaptable to any GSM radio access network providing an IP interface, whether native or in-between mediation devices.


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