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As of today, there are more than 6 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide. Another one billion is expected to be connected within the coming years, mainly in the emerging markets.These new potential subscribers live mostly in low-income remote rural areas.

Mixed satellite-cellular solutions are usually used to reach out these new subscribers and are best-suited to address the particular challenges of such remote and low-income rural populations.

If properly engineered, mixed satellite-cellular solutions will ensure adequate end-to-end Quality of Service while allowing proper control of the Total Cost of Ownership. They can lead to viable cellular operator business even in low-revenue rural areas.

To take part in the forthcoming surge in mobile phone subscriptions in the emerging markets, cellular operators need to extend their geographical reach while at the same time keep their operating costs under control.


Cell & Sat has designed innovative architectures to achieve such low-cost deployments. It relies on optimised satellite backhauling, innovative energy reduction techniques, and other cost reduction features allowing to minimise the CAPEX and OPEX associated with GSM coverage in rural areas

At the cross-roads of cellular and satellite technologies, Cell & Sat offers cellular operators its expertise on many fronts:

- a wide range of services including business consulting, network audit, network design, and support to procurement activities and field operations.

- Cell & Sat also provides access to its innovations to reduce costs, including Local Switching and other backhaul optimisation functions as well as the integrated solar + cellular + vsat low cost agama solution.

Cell & Sat software solutions have been validated with leading GSM and satellite equipment suppliers.


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