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Cell & Sat offers solutions to optimize the cost of satellite links. Those allow cellular operators to minimize the costs associated with transmission towards base station in rural areas.

The proposed solutions relates to telephony services, appeared with the deployment of 2G mobile systems, as well as the optimization of costs associated with the data transmission representing a growing share of the traffic, yesterday with 3G, and further more with the new 4G networks.

Satellite communication networks benefit from innovations allowing to respond to growing needs in terms of flexibility and speed. Accordingly satellite backhaul solutions today can be based on systems capable of both static (SCPC) and dynamic (TDMA) allocation and taking advantage from the spectral efficiency of adaptive technologies such as DVB-S2 ACM, or innovative "Carrier-in-Carrier” satellite resource planning.

Regarding space resources, there is an increasingly large offering from satellite operators, proposing traditional links in C-band and Ku-band, as well as access to new spot-beam satellite in Ka-band, able to divide the cost of a Mbps transmitted by a factor at least equal to 5. The figure below shows European coverage with high power and extensive frequency reuse of the new KaSat satellite from Eutelsat.

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